Friday, May 11, 2012

Day Trip Part #1

I have so many photo's from the day we went to the Twelve Apostles with Em that I'll have to separate them into two bloggety blog posts.

It was like we experienced 4 seasons in one day so it may even seem like our trip was over a couple of days considering our "costume" changes.

We decided that we all really wanted to live in the moment and concentrate on having a good time together so before we left we put all out "tech" (mobile phones, ipods) in a container and placed it under the seat. We promised the only time we would get them out was if there was a major emergency.

I thought it would be much easier than it was. I found myself constantly wanting to get it out so I could look at maps and see how far away we were.

the look out over Anglesea

We didn't tell Em where we were going, just that we would be out all day. Each time we got out of the car to see something I would say, ok this is what we came for - lets go home. She didn't buy into it though ;)

What happens when you give Em the camera..

After half walking/ half swinging up the road from the car park we arrived at the Split Point Lighthouse.

Beautiful huh?


Phew! So many lighthouse photos...

"Hey you, yes you"

After Split Point we drove a little more and arrived at the start of the Great Ocean Road 
(the classic photo under the sign)

Then we got back in the car and drove again - this time for a long time (for a Tasmanian) soon (for a Victorian) we arrived at Lorne - Lorne is one of my absolute favourite places to visit along the Great Ocean Road. It has the best burger store called The bottle of milk - they also happen to sell THE best chips & relish so of course we HAD to have some since we were in the area.

Once we picked up our picnic supplies we headed down to the park where we made some new friends.

Hello Cocky

Emily absolutely loved this part of the drive. They were so tame! They even sat on her leg at one point (before she tried to pick one up). Then the seagulls arrived (of course!) I can't help but imagine them saying "mine, mine" since seeing Nemo.

However, the cockatoos didn't let the seagulls stop them from getting all the food - They would grab the tidbit and quickly fly to a nearby tree  ... because of course they have claws and seagulls have webbed feet (not so good for sitting on branches) so they could eat in peace. Smart huh!

This one was so tame it came right up onto the picnic blanket to help itself to Boys tiny teddies. Of course we just let him have them as we love a good Aussie Battler.

On the way back to the car Boy thought this timber slab park bench was actually a runway..
Boy is wearing an outfit styled by Mumma.

more to come soon..

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