Friday, June 26, 2009

the Modern SOCialite

Tonight I ordered my pizza online, I text my supervisor who I have never met and lives on the other side of the state – I text my co-worker who is on holidays in New Zealand and received a voicemail from my manager who lives in Melbourne (never met her either) to email her the weekly summaries via her new address.

I spoke to my mum for approx 24 minutes and 53 seconds on the mobile - which in total cost me $2.67 c which I found out through my internet phone billing account and I recharged my broadband with the credit card.. .. across the internet of course.

If I hadn’t left the house at around 2:30pm I probably wouldn’t of seen anyone else all day and if I didn’t have a social husband I probably wouldn’t of even needed to open my mouth (unless you count the mornings brushing) until around 8:03pm when I called my mum.

OH and at 8:56 when I opened the door to the pizza guy to exchange a light “how much do I owe you?”

In fact I could’ve spent the whole day being “social” via txt, phone, email, facebook, myspace, and any other “network” without actually having any physical contact.

Whatever happened to letters that took a week through the post - OR just a good ole fashioned face to face chin wag. Is all this stuff really keeping us "connected" or is it just pushing us leagues further apart?

The first letter I got in the mail (which wasn’t a bill in a good 6 months) was an engagement card a couple weeks ago.

But since even bills are turning to the internet ( bigpond and vodaphone) looks like pretty soon the postie is going to be out of the job at my house and since your not engaged or newly married forever (which I can confirm, the cards will soon run out too)