Thursday, October 02, 2014

Cheli is Older. (But apparently not wiser)

Hello - I'm more than 6 months. Nice to meet you.

That's right. I missed it. The 6 month mark. Life +1 point Me -1 point *high five life*

So Cheli is officially right about.. 6.75 months (I am assuming, I can't actually be bothered figuring it out)

Anyway. [over] 6 month old Cheli is:

" so very very beautiful and cute " (Boy)

"fat" ( The guy who came to steam clean the mattress )

"...possibly whiter than you Jess! " (Collette)

" old enough to stop eating ever 3 hours 24/7 " (Me - wishful thinking)

"getting tall... she won't be short " (Mum, who secretly wishes one of the grandchildren would grow up to her short stature )

"placid" (the seamstress)

"does have my ears!" (Aunty Rach, who then recommended she grow her hair out)

"thighs that feel like chicken drumsticks " (Hunna, while giving them a good squeeze)

" .............. " (Hayden, who just likes to stare at her )

"easy" (Simon - on taking her to the zoo)

"just so good at rolling" (Aunty Renee)

"looks like you" (just about everybody)

It's nice to have known you for over half a year Cheli baby. Keep on rolling!

Day at the Zoo with Simon & Sarra