Monday, April 21, 2008

Audio enhanced Visuals

At school I am developing a multi-collaborational piece which invloves audio and imagery. Each of the photo's you see has a sound that goes with it. I am experimenting with how sound can enhance an audiences experience of a still image or hinder it.

See if you can guess what sounds are going with each image.. I am still deliberating if the sounds/noise should fit the image and its circumstances or not.


Simone Triffitt said...

The first one I;m thinking is waves pounding on that rock and the chair one I'm thinking something softer and more peaceful like hearing the waves lap against the bottom of the chair. No idea about the protesters one. You can tell I'm not good at this kind of stuff.

melandpeter said...

Love the shots Jess!

Clare said...

Jess you have totally found your niche!!! You must be carving it up at UNI!