Saturday, April 05, 2008


So.. access to the internet granted : (thanks Mill)

Trip to Hobart to visit baby Minol!! So cutsie cute. 
But strike that and reverse time to just before arriving at the Fuglsangs and Collette and I quickly running into Maccas to go to the loo.
Anyway, Picture this:

Bridgewater Maccas, we walk through Mickdee's to the toilets and walk through the first set of doors to get to the area where you get to choose if your a male or female. Ok! So, Here's Collette and I naturally deciding to go into the Female toilets. She goes in and I trail behind, shut the door behind us and we find ourselves, not as we had expected in a usual Macca's toilet situation with a bathroom that has cubicles. No we find ourselves in the Bridgewater Maccas squished into one toilet. A moment of sudden realisation, a slight pause. We shrug, side step shuffle each other (a shuffle which looks suspiciously like the one you do when your trying to get out of the family booth at hungry jacks) and politely turn away as each other goes about doing their "thing" which is only natural (according to Kylie Bailey) if your a Gibson. Anyway, no harm no foul. We walk out of the female (toilet) back into the area where you get to choose which door is yours and we're about to walk through this door back into the restaurant when we realise that door has a large glass panel in it and on the other side are some very bewildered Maccas customers mungin on their Maccas and looking at us leave the one female toilet. (see diagram below).. p.s: how embarrassing. 

anyway, after another random awkward toilet experience (yes thats two now) and a visit with baby Minol I landed myself at the Lovely Millies house where we experimented with some new photo booth options.. Yee haR!


Country/City Boy said...

Haha, that's hilarious about the maccas toilet situation

Collette said...

haha the HJ's family booth it:)

The Kings said...

Love the diagram Jess. Would have been lost without it ;)

MillaMitch said...

love our drowning/swimming pictures. he he. :) such dags.