Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes...  I know this is a bit late but...
Oh well -- 

Below a Fav pic of the Honeymoon which highlights that Collette is indeed everywhere we go.

(this one she has been likened to an elephant .. you can tell by the crazy eyes -- dont worry its only a tribute Collette)
above: Sherpa Man, Collette (tribute to), Jess , Sherpa man 2, Elephant (un-named), Kyle, Elephant 2 (un-named), short Sherpa man.
Ah the pool... Second Fav pic of the Honeymoon.
& now i leave to go do wifey things and clean & stuff..


Nettie's Blog said...

Just loved those elephants in Thaialnd too...did you do the ride on their back throught the jungle?????
(and i will keep your secret about the nails in the wall to hang your jewels...from your mum)

Collette said...

haha so i get all settled in for a long CATCH up post on your honey moon and find that after the detailed first pic (it's just a tribute) it ends rather quickly...did you start and then get bored? haha...wifey;)

The Parsons Family said...

Jess girl, did you get my text? Im not so good at texting so who knows if you got it or not!!! Email me if you didnt! xox