Thursday, January 21, 2010

24 weeks

Since time seems to be FLYING by (24 weeks + 3) -- P.S: If I put pressure on my belly button it pops out, gross!

We thought we should go look at this COT I have been coveting. A little on the pricier side but I LOVE the organic shape - Im not into the BIG corners on the other cots --they look like small cars. mmmm anyway this is the Leander bed and it GROWS! This is the colour we are looking to get it in as well. Tell me what you think.

And this is the last Ultrasound we got at 23 weeks.

So the Ultra sound woman is like cruising around and all of a sudden there is an awkward pause at what is OBVIOUSLY some full frontal action.

(Kyle and I already knew what baby was but it was fun pretending we didn't know and asking again just to make sure.)

Ultrasound lady : ...... (awkward pause) I suspect she was waiting for one of us to say Oh look a little " bla bla " but Kyle and I just stay quiet.

Ultrasound lady: ... (more awkward pause) " ..ah So there is his little boy bits "

hahaha NOT even a trained professional can say " Scrotum/Penis"

Yay.. pretty cute huh! We saw a little penis. he he His first rudey nudey pic. I kinda wish she had taken a photo of that because it would've been cool to have an in the womb rudey shot.

see his little pout for the camera? Just like his Aunty Collette & Mummy. Bet he is going to have nice lips!


Wheeler Team said...

I saw one of these cots in a shop this week it was $1750. They look really great!! Cool when your belly button pops out :)

make it perfect said...

i think that cot is lovely


if you are going to have any more kids within a few years of each other you won't be using it as a toddler bed for long because the next one will be ready to us it...

so if the whole converting to a toddler bed thing is the draw-card then maybe not worth the $$?

tommy sleeps in a hammock - it rocks! he is 7 months old and still loving it.

The Parsons Family said...

yay,so cute already! And the bed ... I Love!!!! My girls never had a cool cot! BUnk beds here now!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

have you tried ebay just might get it second hand (just like new but without the prie tag of new) ..but i love it
the picture is cute ..of the baby of course....

Wheeler Team said...

my lips are bigger than your lips...sing it!

Kyle said...

Anyhoo in response. The sales of leander beds in Melbourne are actually pretty good. I looked at one the other day and it was 15% off. There is one on ebay which is floor stock at a shop and they are giving 25% off so it shouldn't be too hard to find one cheaper.

Also, there are lots of convertable cots on the market what I LOVE about the leander is that is has round corners and the timber is gorgeous. money cant argue with good taste ;)