Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Change Mat

So, FINALLY after leaving Tasmania the first time and thinking there would be some good Fabric shops in Geelong and being very .. very wrong.

I went back to Tas for Collette but still managed got some material and returned! My Minkee arrived today in the mail which means I can start on some baby things .. all very exciting.

Here is the first. A baby change mat with pockets to hold the little extras.

The Fabric is from Ikea really cheap and nice and thick ready for lots of wipe downs and washes, only $5 m.-- The back of the mat is Minkee - apparently it washes really well .. all good stuff.

I was hoping to find some nice oil/laminated cotton for the change mat but the range I found was limited and not really suited to babies, would have been good because it would have wiped down easily but the Ikea fabric is GORGEOUS and nice and thick so as good as :)

Tell me what you think, Im off to start some bibs.

P.S : do you like the pockets Simone? ;)

By the way, If you want the pattern you can't have it because I just made it up. So I couldn't actually tell you how those pockets got on there so nicely ...


Wheeler Team said...

Wow very impressive. I love the idea of the pockets and the material looks great

melandpeter said...

Very cute Jess. Love the print. Keep up the good work. it's so handy that you can make your own baby stuff!

Nettie's Blog said...

I am impressed to Jess...that machine must be a really good one to sew so good like that...Ha ha
did yo manage to get the other materials hoem i gave you???
I want to see waht you make with them too

Sim-Dim said...

I love the changemat and the pcokets will be such a great help. You almost don't want him to poop on it cos it is so nice.

make it perfect said...

really cute!

oilcloth is good but everything comes out in the wash ;)