Friday, March 19, 2010


Here is the ROLLie POLlie, yay .. Its made for little people so its not as big as a normal bean bag and it is round so they can play with it too..

Also ABOVE, new little boy shoes and a new little boy bib.

32 weeks and counting.


Collette said...

I can't wait for my chocolate pudding bean bag!

Nettie's Blog said...

love the bean bag.... you have been industrious(but how does the baby belly fit in front of the sewing machine?????
Thanks for the "only look about 20" obviously didnt see the wrinkles in the last pic and only looked at the group ya Nettie XXXX

make it perfect said...

way cool rollie polie - i want more pics please!! did you put bean bag beans or stuffing in it?

Jess said...

Hey Toni, I wanted to put stuffing in it like the pattern suggests but couldn't find any so just resorted to bean bag balls (not as soft) so it was harder to get the insert into the bean bag cover BUT eventually (after much letting out of bean bag balls) I got it in .. I'd like to try one with stuffing tho..

Nettie, my Belly isn't THAT big! hahaha

Collette, if you buy the stuff i'll make you a chocolate pudding bean bag hahaha