Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bastian #1

So I finally got my hands on an SLR (thanks Simone) it might be a nikon but it'll do ;)
(I prefer Pentax or Canon.. I'm actually lobbying Kyle to let me get a Canon EOS 5D MARk ii but considering the price it might be a while..)

Maybe just a 5D would be nice?.. maybe anything?.. haha

These have not been photoshopped ( I don't have photoshop either ) :(

iso 100 - I like using a slow iso for close ups to help cut out extra information, plus its fun to practice with movement.

When I use my pentax I love love using the slower films, the black and white can really make the movement seem surreal.

the above photo has a slow shutter speed to take advantage of the natural light in the room.. I'm quite happy with this one. iso 400

then I went the other way & tried a darker feel to match the couch..
iso 800 for the wriggly boy.

more to come when little boy is happy again ;)

it has been over over 12 months since my Pentax was last used so a little slack would be nice if I put in the aperture/shutter speed or ISO in the wrong way around.


Collette said...

did he dribble on my couch?

Jess said...

Yeah he spewed, he hasn't been feeling well but atleast after he spewed he smiled for the camera!