Thursday, July 29, 2010

the last of Bastian

so I have had some real fun with the camera, I'm glad Bastian has been so amicable about it all..
(Proud of the above photo- it took a while to get him to hold the Giraffe, I can't say that a 11 wk old baby is THAT interested in toys.)
I'm glad I got some proper shots of Bastian (Christmas presents anyone?) before he was too BIG although it is sad I couldn't get him at sleepy newborn stage because you can do alot more with sleepy newborns.

Its AMAZING to watch him grow so fast.

He will soon be a little boy and not baby anymore :( lets hope he just skips the terrible twos!

UNTIL next time :)


Rebecca said...

haha... it starts about one and keeps going!! lovely pics. love the on eof him holding the giraffe!

I am Elle said...

Very cute photos Jess and yes, the iphoto editor is great - basics are good when thats all you've got - at least thats what I use coz I don't have anything else... :)
Little bub is VERY cute!!!!