Thursday, March 17, 2011

For the benefit of Collette

Ok, so the other week I went shopping with my two sisters in-law for a dress for a wedding in Eltham last Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters in law -- but I LOVE my sister MORE!

I missed going into the change room and trying a million things on together because there are no free change rooms.

Or finding the daggyest things and taking pics of ourselves, and just plain having a laugh.

And then of course there is the fashion parade when we get home.

 Anyway, a couple weeks ago we went online (at least we can still do that together!)

So for the benefit of Collette, here is the fashion parade -- when you get yours you better do the same!

These dresses are beautiful, they are from a store called Shabby Apple.
Shabby Apple dresses are modest! see no cardigans, tanktops and no leggings!

I'm actually pretty impressed with the sizing too, not only because of the guide on the website but because we didn't have a tape measure we measured with a belt and a "real size" online ruler from google.

P.S: if you love my necklace (which I absolutely do) check out two turtle doves.


Alison said...

They are aaaalllll incredibly cute.

Also: "sisters in law".

<3! :P xo

Collette said...

Wow!! Oh I'm so excited!! I hope mine fit!! They all look so cute on u!! Woohoo

Charlotte said...

These dresses are fabulous! Love the fashion parade, very chic!
Thanks for the mention too, glad you like it.

melandpeter said...

I love that store! I'm always browsing but can't afford new clothes at the moment :-( Will wait til I lose weight and order a cute dress as a reward!

Nettie's Blog said...

very Chic... whit wooo.... very chic you...

Sim-Dim said...

Yup nothing can beat sisters!!! Poor Mum!!!