Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#1 of 2 {tennis}

Biannual Tennis Match

KJ vs KJ

So last Saturday Kat and Josh graced us with their presence in a match to beat all other matches.
It was close the whole way, but we won the trophy (just!).

 The A Team dressed to Win (with Mascot/ball boy/good-luck charm)
 The competition

The coveted Tennis Trophy (ours to keep for another 6 months)

Thanks for the fun guys! Until we meet again!


The Kings said...

ha ha - that's great!

Nettie's Blog said...

That is so funny...you crack me up with those tennis outfits Jess...Congratulations on the win you guys...well done...Must have been all the cheering from the Mascot!!!!!!

Collette said...

that's cool that you have the same initials...and the outfits? kyles hat? your skirt? WA HAHAHAH hahaha HAHAHAHHAHAH hahhaha HAHAHAHHAHA hahaha HAHAHAHAHHA