Friday, July 29, 2011

Go anywhere, Do anything

The bugaboo obsession continues..

(Bastian really thought we were going for a walk and cried his little heart out when he realised we were just taking photos.. I mean he's not even dressed yet! bless his little heart)

Our NEW canopy. Designed by ME made by baby moo maa

Seriously, if you have the money to buy a "cameleon" .. do, its so light. So amazing, so versatile.. actually they are coming out with what looks to be the ultimate stroller so maybe wait for the "donkey" bugaboo.

Check the cameleon out here

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Eloise said...

We've been eyeing off the Bugaboo Donkey online! But we're thinking we'll wait for baby number two to arrive perhaps before getting it (they're not available to purchase yet are they? I wasn't sure).

There are HEAPS AND HEAPS of Bugaboo Cameleons all over Melbourne I've noticed =P