Monday, September 05, 2011

wee willie winkie & the big adventure

This is Boy, since he is better, boy loves to ride his bike.

especially without a nappy on.

Yesterday boy went on an adventure to Sydney to help his Mum & Dad pick up their new car.
(really its Mums new car, because its more a girl car)

They went on a plane & on several trains (woops) to pick up their new car.

Then because it was fathers day -- (and because Mum & Dad were all ready being apostate and breaking the sabbath) Boy decided to take Dad out for lunch.

Can you guess where we went from the bread?

mmmm, sizzler!

 Then we all drove & drove & drove & drove

past the dog on the tucker box in Gundagai

past the fields... all the way home.



The Kings said...

Cool car!! Oh I wish we had Sizzler here still!!! :)

Collette said...

I guessed Sizzler before you said it. looks like my whole family was apostate on sunday. what's with that?! yeah cool car. nice work trying hard to be like me:)

Simone Triffitt said...

Love the car. So obviously Simon was no help then?? ;)

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

cool car but even cooler bike! what a fun adventure! enjoy the new wheels!

melandpeter said...

We make our own sizzler bread; just parmesan cheese mixed with butter, then generously spread on nice bread and put in deli press. Pretty yummy, though not as good as Sizzler I admit. You should feel special that your little sis wants to copy you Collette! he he x