Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 12 {29th December}

I woke up with a profound feeling of thanksgiving for good health. The trip was suddenly not as hard, the sky was the bluest I had ever seen and the weather was amazing. (even though it rained from 4 pm)

Amazing how chucking your guts up can give you a new perspective on life.

Warning, too many photos to count...

 Waiting for Dad to pack the car at the Backpackers in Cairns.

Waiting in Line for the Skyrail

To work at skyrail you must be over 170 cm tall..

 seriously all the workers were super tall... discrimination?

On our first skyrail thingie.

the views, phew!

To the edge of the earth and back..

Famiwee shots

Then boy decides he wants to try and push rubbish out the holes..

 some more sad..

 Off on the board walk..

 Our second skyrail thingie..

 We hopped off, this time to go and see a beautiful waterfall & a blue tongued lizard.

(also beautiful)

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