Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 17

After a super hot night at Smalleys Beach (just above Mackay) we decided to "last" a backpackers in Hervey Bay to try and get out of the heat a bit.

(Boy couldn't stay asleep because he was sweating like a small pig.)

When the heat broke and it started to rain about 3am we finally got a little rest before getting up the next morning.

We packed up the gear nice and early before it got too hot to move. ( 8 am and it was all-ready heating up again)

Went down to the beach to have a paddle

And look at the gorgeous view.

Then Headed off to Hervey Bay to stay at the Woolshed.

When we arrived we took a walk to find some good nosh and stumbled across 
Cafe Tapas  which offered a selection of simple but EXTRA yummy tapas. 

We were well satisfied with our quick visit to Hervery Bay.

And super thankful for the cheap accommodation which included a fan! (and a resident gecko)

Next stop Brisbane.

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