Monday, April 09, 2012

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Good Friday this year was hot enough to spend at the beach. 

Of course I have told you about Boy and his love of sand.

So really, we just sat on the beach towels for a while and let Hunna have the fun.(but at least we looked good ..)

After wards we tried to be good Catholics? and went for some fish, chips and a good burger (with the lot of course!)

While Cocoa had a paddle by the water front.

The burger.. yumm

Sunday after church (and naps for the under 2's and over 50's ) we had our second easter egg hunt with Boy. 

We missed our hunting friends from last year and as the day was miserable (so much for the good weather we saw on Friday) and we remembered last year that Cocoa Dog ate some of our hidden eggs with the foil still on -- we decided to have an inside hunt.

Next Stop Easter Monday.

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