Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Something Recent

have been updating the blog aesthetics recently. I don't know if you noticed but I switched it a few months ago and turned it into a simpler version of its previous self whilst I figured out what I wanted where. I am by no means a tech savvy html writer but I think I have done fairly well. What do you think?

Recently we got out our paints and brushes to create some 2 year old masterpieces.

I think these ones will be going in the scrap book to keep.


Then: We jetted off in Hunna's new car to Sassafras to visit the toy store (of course!) and the lolly shop.

Here is what Hunna posted on his fb for the day. [don't ask me why he decided to take a shovel out to pose with.]

Photo: Road tripping with my two favourite allies. Fully loaded, we've got snacks and supplies.. It's time to leave this town.

Lately, with his new job, I have been missing Hunna - in a "I miss him" pouty way. I had been getting selfishly spoilt, I think. Having him around most the time. And by around,  I mean: close enough to visit him at lunch time if I was missing him. {pretending to drop off snacks and lunch like a good wifey)

Now he is in Melbourne { and my car is at the mechanics } and even if it weren't I still couldn't/wouldn't drive out there to drop in twice a week during the day.

So instead I call him. To get my fix. And the conversation goes a little like this...

Hunna "Hello?" 
Me "Hello!'
Hunna "Do you need something"
Me  "No. I just wanted to talk"
Hunna "Ok, what do you want to talk about"
Me "Ahm,  Boy is asleep now"
Hunna "Thats nice"
Me "mmm"
Hunna " Is that all ?"
Me "Yeah.. I think so"
Hunna "Ok, Love you"
Me " Love you more"

 poor Hunna. haha!

When he's not here, when we aren't close. I miss him terribly and its been that way whenever we were apart, since the very first day we met. Could somebody please tell me if there was a job he could have that would mean I could spend a good hour with him in the middle of the day. (of course, not one where we would be together all the time - I could see myself pulling my hair out over that.)

sigh..absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Maggie :) said...

hmm one would say it is time for another baby my dear ;) Im sure you've already perfected the act with proof of your handsome boy. Perhaps a mini you :P Loving your blogs Jess :)

Nettie's Blog said...

oh that is so syrupy, chocolatey and NICE...i wonder if in 45 year you will still be doing it...i did until "himself" retired three weeks ago and now i have your situation in reverse...he is home everyday ...Yeah!!!!
Keep ringing that Hunna of yours everyday Jess!!!

melandpeter said...

Haha. I'm still laughing at Kyle posing with his trusty spade. he he. You guys are very cute - don't ever change. Will and I will try and squeeze in a visit to the Shire next week when we get back. xxx