Monday, September 17, 2012

Im a big Boy now.

Since Boy is an almost big boy now this means he is almost big enough to start learning about keeping his body safe.

He has been noticing he is a boy and Mumma is a girl. Especially since he has started potty training.

This got me thinking.

We will soon be having a FHE lesson on how our body is a temple. But I wanted something more helpful to help open dialogue about our private parts.

I have known about this book for a while.

Today, it arrived in the mail.

Some of the statistics are pretty scary. We are trying to teach Boy to "Ask Mumma & Dadda" before he goes anywhere with anyone - where we might not be able to see him.

We are also implementing an "open doors" rule because we want him to be safe.

The good thing is that he will take in as much as he needs and understands when we have our FHE.

It is scary to think he is big enough to understand even a little of these things but good that we can teach him 

"from head to toes, I say what goes"

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Sandy M. said...

There's a truly beautiful song by Sally DeFord, called 'An Angel to Watch Over Me'. (You can read the lyrics and listen to the tune here: I like the bottom version, by Colleen Thliveris)

One of the lines, (many - actually, probably all!) lines I can really relate to as a mother, is the phrase: 'she guarded my childhood'. I think that one of the most wonderful things about childhood is freedom, but parents must keep children safe. It's a balance, where we watch them every moment, while sometimes letting them think they are all alone :)