Friday, September 21, 2012

Wangling Life Boy style.

I thought you should know.

Boy was doing some creating today. Some serious, scrunch up the paper and throw it over my shoulder if its not right creating.

After this picture was taken he stole a permanent pen I was using to label boxes with (oo there is a hint as to what the big news is right there...)

Anyway, he drew all up his arms with that permanent pen.

And  I laughed and laughed and didn't feel one ounce of guilt because I was busy and thats what happens sometimes.

Plus.... eventually... it will wear off.

As we get older.. together. I am realising more and more that sometimes I am a terribly neglectful Mumma. I feed him nuggets and chips two nights in a row because I am busy, I turn the T.V on and sit him down in front of it for half a day because I am busy.

But thats O.K. That's ok because I know, most of the time, I am not super super busy and most of the time I am playing and cooking healthy food and being the best Mumma I can be.

So its ok to have a little rest.

Because tomorrow, tomorrow it will ALL be worth it :)


Sandy M. said...

I'm a big believer in always doing your best - and sometimes just needing to do whatever you have to, to get through the day! I think it's one of my parenting mottos :)

Nettie's Blog said...

Who is the best mum..
"Boy's" mum is the best MUM...
no substitute for HIM will ever do...