Saturday, October 20, 2012

Un petite console

I have suddenly realised ( after cleaning the house from top to bottom amongst other homely, wifely, motherly tasks) that I can still successfully negotiate life as an independent matriarch,

You see, two and a bit years is a long time to be living with the in laws.. It's a long time to relax -- Kick back and enjoy sharing everyday tasks with another matriarch.

I had been undeniably concerned that I had forgotten how to "negotiate the pleats" and when we moved into the mess that was Phillips and I was confronted with 3 weeks worth of scrubbing I quite lost my mind.

But-- I have struggled through (after some pouting) and triumphantly come out the other side with a bellow of glory.

I CAN do it! I CAN do it all!! Did you doubt me?

My Mumma plate and my wifey plate and my church calling plate and my cleaning plate and my me plate and all the others that make up my multifacited life are quite happily spinning on the end of their sticks.

Just how they should be.

Oh how I thrive on being busy.

Also, I L.O.V.E gumtree...

I noticed this listing you see... For this free piano and I looked up the make on the Internet and even found the original catalogue for that A. Bord Piano and I thought Oo la la how French. And I emailed that person and today we picked up that free piano ( and by we I mean Hunna did because I was deathly ill and in bed ) but when it arrived on the back of the truck this afternoon I felt suddenly well enough to rip my weary bones from the bed of my sickness and rush to the front door and exclaim "put it here..or here, no here"

And now we have a console piano you see. A petite modele perfect for Phillips.
Oh how very delighted I am at spinning all those plates on my own.


melandpeter said...

Gah - it's so cute. It looks like it's in great nick too!!

Sandy M. said...

Oh! How wonderful!