Friday, December 14, 2012

Jiminy Cricket

Sometimes when I speak I imagine my tongue is made of silver.

Other times it lashes out like a toads tongue, frightfully fast and deadly accurate, with a loud thwack

Then I have a third tongue. The tongue of a serpent. The deadliest of the three.

My tongue can be the cause of great joy in my life and my relationship but also of great contention.

I both love and loathe it.

For instance: My silver tongue has served me well for communicating, talking and giving speeches with clear concise language.

My toad tongue once proclaimed, at the end of a glorious silver tongued talk to the congregation " So Brothers and Sisters, Are you on high ground?" Thwack

But my serpent tongue. My serpent tongue is a weapon. It sniffs the air with a threatening hiss as it slides back and forth between my lips.

It can do insurmountable damage. It can snatch joy from the air and choke it with flames.

I promise. I do try to hold my serpent tongue.

Sometimes I am more successful than others.

Since meeting Hunna I have made a conscious effort to soften and calm my sometimes raging, often unpredictable and always emotional tongue.

He is my Jiminy Cricket conscience, calmly directing me to choose the right.

There is  another thing that has been helping me.


I can write and write and everything I have felt flows onto the page, released through my fingers and not through my lips I can refine my thoughts.

Writing about when Hunna and I met has reminded me of great memories which I want to cherish and can now peruse and connect with whenever I like.

So, I've decided to continue with our journey... Because I had stalled somewhat because I am a romanticist.

Because the next chapter is raw and sometimes not romantic at all.

But I need to tell it.

From like to loke. from loke to love. From love and beyond.

It all needs to be said.


The wedding approaches.

1 comment:

Sandy M. said...

I enjoy your writing :)

I know what you mean about the different tongues; I think you describe them very well. For me it's like the Wizard of Oz who hides behind the curtain, pulling the various levers.. The tongue makes the sounds that are heard by those out front but I know the thoughts originate in the recesses of my heart. When I try to school my tongue I find that what I really need to do is change my heart. I sometimes want to act nice, but the only thing that works at all is for me to actually be nice :)

I've never thought of my tongue as silver. (More, I'm sorry to say, like a busy, noisy little motor that often gets annoyingly stuck into the same grooves, and sometimes makes those high-pitched, unpleasant whines that old motors occasionally do. Oh dear!)

But your silver tongue sounds wonderful! :)