Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy Late Newy Year

Oh yeah, so it's 2013. Sorry if I totally forgot. I've been recovering ( Mums word not mine ) I like to say I am sick. Which I am - because I have a horrendous cold.

So on New Year's Eve I was all like " I should totally, probably think about the past year.. Like reflect or something?" Then I was all like.. Meh can't think of anything that's happened really...

So I looked back through some old posts and was all like " oh! That happened to me this year?"

Summary: { here's where you can skip to the summary of the summary if you like }


January was spent recovering from a massive trip to Cairns in the Jazz car. Sing it " Jazz Packing" .. We got back at the start and I think it took me a few weeks to enter post holiday depression.

February Boy was still romping around fairly naked as it was still hot enough to allow it and I turned into the creature of the black lagoon. The post holiday slump still looming. I was called into Primary as music leader.

March I rocked my Stella jacket over steak and got out of the house ALOT to avoid returning to post holiday slump.

April saw the pizza resistance of many crumble at my pizza party ( which I am now thinking will be an annual event ) oh, and Kyle lost his job. Slump. But we took a weekend away to stick our rude fingers up at le Boss and show we could still enjoy life without employment. Also I started our first finger lickin Easter tradition.

May Boy finally shows he can be clothed.. If only in pjs ALL day to avoid too many "put your clothes on" confrontations. Cause two a day would be too much. Emily came to grace us with her annual visit and we hammed the whole thing up a bit. We love her.

June we got some culture. Lamented about our hair loss. Celebrated three years of marriage. And of course made more pizza. Kyle got a new job.

July we wangled and I remembered to say kee-n-waa instead of queee-noo- a. Props for me. Also I started courier moments and the beginning of our love story. I got in two car accidents in two weeks. Neither my fault!

August we ate pizza instead of making and eating. Found pinterest again. And decided to build a small house project. Our love story continued much to Hunna's dismay.

September I packed the family up and shipped us off to Phillips. Cleaned an awful lot. Went into cleaning slump mode. Started dreaded potty bribing ..erm I mean training. Boy had learnt how to take his clothes off. The nakedness began again.

October I was sick again. Again. Again. Went full on Vego. Found a free piano on gumtree. Joy. Cleaned some more. Slump.

November we wrapped up the primary presentation. Went to our new ward once and then I flew to Tassie for my "holiday" which turned into --

December in Tassie sick. Again. Hospital. Bowel resection. Christmas .. Just.


So in summary of the summary ( if you couldn't be bothered reading)

Hunna lost his Job and some hair. I lost some hair and some organs. We got older. A lot wiser.

And considering I thought "meh can't really remember anything much happening this year " I have either dealt with the calamities head on and with gusto or I have amnesia because they are too horrid to recollect.

Either way I'm pleasantly surprised I felt I had an O.K year.

What more can a girl ask for than that "yeah, actually, we're O.K" feeling.


After the year that was -- I feel like I've almost moved onto adulthood. Like I've been through a ring of fire. Killed my lion or jumped from my high tower to appear a man at the other side.

Is there a club room for Adults? Adults seem to disappear a lot. Hunna disappears so much he must be loving the club room perks.

I wonder if they serve vegetarian....

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