Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Sheep and le Google

Hopefully soon we will have the internet hooked up at Phillips and things on the blog will be running a little smoother again.

Has anyone ever noticed just how long it takes to get the internet hooked up? Like... is 10 - 20 business days really a reasonable amount of time? Honestly. Is that normal?

What did people do BEFORE the internet? Like seriously. What did I do before the internet.. I can't even remember... Oh .....maybe maybe I went to the library... *shakes head* no, no I didn't.

 So back to the internet - I haven't been able to google anything. ANYTHING. This is really, really, really annoying. (first world problem right here.)

Mostly, I need le Google when Hunna and I have a conversation that goes a little something like this...
(which is often.)

Me " Oh look Boy is watching Timmy Time on T.V"
Hunna " Its Shaun the Sheep."
Me "Nah.. there are two shows with sheep, this one is Timmy Time"
Hunna "Looks like Shaun the Sheep to me"
Me " No Shaun the Sheep is more like Wallace and Gromit style"
Hunna " It's Shaun the Sheep"
Me "Fine, lets google it...
Me " Oh, we dont have any internet..."

(2 days later, while scabbing the in-laws internet....)


Who was right Hunna? WHO WAS RIGHT? me.. yes me.

O.k so we absolutely positively need google because I am competetive. No! its not because I am competetive.... its because no body ever EVER believes me when I say ANYTHING and I need google to back me up.

Don't I have a trust worthy face?

Would I lie?

... O.k... dont answer that one.


charlotte said...

Oh that sucks, I hope you get it hooked up soon, I don't know what I would do without the internet...maybe more housework! ha.

Jake and I always have conversations like this too! Once we were playing scategories, and you had to write the name of a college/uni, and I wrote one (which I made up, but hoped that he didn't pull me up for it) but he did, so I said 'lets Google it' - turns out there was actually a college in Europe somewhere with the same name. thanks Google!

chibbylick said...

Timmy is the youngest sheep on Shaun the Sheep, so you were both right!