Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A very Boy day

Boys birthday is coming up..


We are starting to plan out his special day. I am thinking of what he might like.


We absolutely love the windmill educational website. There are always great, sturdy toys. When we have a chance to go into the store in Launceston we always take it. It is like a kids paradise.

I recently found this website. Kiwi Crate is a really fantastic idea for parents ( like me) who need a little inspiration in the arts and craft area.
I think Boy could do with some more educational based crafts rather than painting, drawing, cutting and pasting just for the sake of it.
I am also really loving the fruit birthday cakes on pinterest. Perfect for a train loving, fruit gobbling 3 year old.
Its slowly coming together...in my head anyway.
I just found this awesome creative play product called bilibo here..
You've got to give the Swiss credit for the amazing things they come up with.


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Wheeler Team said...

We loved Windmill too! Jayme had that hammer and nail set. The cake looks awesome - tricky though, be very cool if you can make that.