Saturday, April 20, 2013

& the absolute truth about seatbelts

Boy has this thing.

It's a very cute, very wise thing.

Whenever we get in the car he always, always reminds us to put our seat belts on.

In fact, wherever seat belts are provided. He MUST wear them. Think, stroller, aeroplane, car, high chair, roller coaster, $2.00 electric car outside supermarket, supermarket trolley ...

He insists, quite passionately. Like his little two, almost three, year old heart is big enough to take on big world problems insists - that we should belt up.

One day (AA - after accident) I sat him in his car seat and didn't put his seat belt on straight away because I was still packing things into the car and knew I'd be a while.

Every time I arrived back at the car he would yell out "Bastian seatbelt on" to which I would reply ok, I'll do it when I've finished packing the car. When I finally got to belt him up he looked at me and sighed. Like it was the worst 5 minutes of his life and he could've been severely injured from not wearing a seat belt in a stationary car that wasn't even running. Like, so glad you finally listened - worst mother ever.

Then when I got in the car and turned the engine on he sighed again "Mumma seatbelt on.....Gosh" before I'd even had a chance to put it on.

I think it is admirable he's taken up the cause for belting up. The only problem being. That the reason for his deep and unwavering belief has resulted from a rather unfortunate event.

( PA - Pre-Accident) One fine day we took a trip to the markets with Julia, afterwards we decided to grab a snack at our friendly neighbourhood 'lentil as anything' and took a trip over to Abbotsford Convent.

We were having a lovely time walking and talking. Boy got out of the stroller so we could explore up wide carpeted staircases and it was grand.

Until we decided to head back to the car. I hadn't put the safety rail on the stroller to begin with and I thought it was such a short trip back to the car I would just plonk Boy in the seat and save the hassle.

I forgot I was trying to be careful because Boy didn't have a belt on about 50 seconds after I plonked him in the stroller.

We crossed the road and went to get back onto the footpath on the other side, instead of slowing down and tipping the stroller backwards so the front wheels lift effortlessly up a step - like normal everyday parents do.. Sometimes I walk a little faster, just to see how good the suspension is on our amazingly overly expensive stroller, and Boy loves a good stroller coaster ride too....

Unless.. he doesn't have a belt on ...and the stroller doesn't make it up onto the footpath but stops and then his tiny little Boy body shoots off into the air with such force he doesn't have a chance to put his hands out and lands with a huge thwack on the bitumen .. Then he most definitely doesn't like a stroller coaster ride.

It's very hard being 2 and wanting comfort from a Mumma who you know has just caused your pain.

There was a little hesitation in forgiving me just enough to let me give him a cuddle...

And now you know why he looks at me like I'm about to cause a fatal accident by not putting his seat belt on while he's sitting in the supermarket trolley.

Funnily enough, he's also started telling me "Oh! careful"

.... and he insists that Hunna drives whenever he is with us...

I think I see a pattern....

{Above. Absolutely not driving because Boy insisted Hunna drive, and wearing seat belts of course}




Jess [Bradbury] Wheeler said...

I couldn't help but giggle my way through this post!
Honestly, what parent hasn't dropped, launched, flopped their child into the ground before? I'm not even a parent yet and I've done almost the exact same thing you did!

The Kings said...

Haha! Poor Bastian. This made me laugh. He's so cute

Wheeler Team said...

Bastian is so thoughtful and responsible - so gorgeous! Not so fun when he prefers Kyle's driving though..... haha, he has such a personality!

Nettie's Blog said...

sometimes these little people have access to things we don't...closer to the veil like!!!!....XXX