Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cake, it's delicious.

I'm going to be 25 this year...

Bring on the quarter life crisis.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they might tell you that I am very non-committal.

O.k -- they probably won't. Because that would be rude, and you'd probably be gossiping if that sorta topic came up. So stop.

But..In general, I would say; I am well and truly over some things within twelves months .. O.K - not some things.. 99.9% of things.

However, I need to buoy myself up a bit.. Because I've decide I can be a Wife/Mum and do work/study..because I am woman and I am strong and I can have my cake and scoff half of it before I need to share.

Also: I am a bit depressed that next year is my 10 year reunion and I still haven't committed to anything much...

Oh! Side point.

* So Hunna is having his 10 year reunion in November and I was all like. Hang on, I'm due to have mine next year.. How does that work? You're like heaps older than me ( ok, heaps meaning 2.5 years ) and he was all " I was one of the oldest in my class " ---that totally makes sense as an answer ( it doesn't)

Then I realised his school went to year 12 and mine only went to year 10.. Problem solved and so I told him.

And he goes " wow, you just blew my mind.. I've always wanted to know why my school was called Newcomb Secondary College.. Not just Newcomb College"

True story.*

Back on point.

There are three things in my life I can think of that I have committed to:


1. My marriage

( 4 years )

Seriously, I'm here for eternity.


2. Motherhood

( 3 years )

Again. Eternity.


3. ...


O.K, make that two things I can think of.

Anyway, the point. The point is...

I don't know what I want to do. And it's all good and well to say ' Hey, Pray about it' but I seriously don't know what to specifically ask.

I would actually really love it if someone said, go to school - get this degree which leads to this job and you'll be fulfilled forever.

I love doing everything.. and nothing. But do I love anything enough to do it for more than 12 months?

I will all ready be on my 6th job. Third degree. 50th idea for life pathway..

How do you know what you want to do?

And don't say find something you love and do it because I will hurt you.



Tara said...

I am about to have baby number three and have begun studying again, however, I really did just think about what I love and whats important to me and made my decision based on that. BUT saying that although its worked for me I could see how potentially it could kill it to. Good luck, women are amazing, I am sure you can do it.

Camilla Mitchell said...

Jess, totally with you on the "find something you love and do it" I DON'T LOVE ANYTHING!

And I committed...and am over it. Humph. Finding something to do with life is pretty damn hard. Good luck friend! x

The Jacks said...

i am struggling with this at the moment too. I feel you! Everyone i know is asking 'what are you up to?' and saying that i am working at subway isn't really the answer i'd love to be giving them. I've tried 3 different uni courses and a tafe one. and i still don't know!

I wish someone would just tell me what would make me happy and i would go and do it. I definitely get over things too fast... I don't know if i give up too fast or what, but i hate doing things that i don't enjoy, but i am also sick of not studying.

I'm with Camilla - find something you love to do.. not sure what i even love!

Please share if you find the answer somewhere!

Bek said...


Came to your blog post via facebook! I totally got this! I am 38 years old, I don't have a favourite colour, can't tell you my favourite food, and when my husband tells me that he sees so much potential in me and wishes I would do something with my smarts (like study), I think "What the hell would I do?"

You are not alone! And thankfully, after reading you post, I don't feel so alone either!