Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Finish.

Hunna finished his apprenticeship the other day. It's been three and a half years of trial filled with little excitement or hope.

We learnt big lessons. We learnt that although it's tough and hope is rarely given. It is made. It can be manufactured in our minds.

Hope can be found where we foster it. It's found in the little things. The small pleasures, the big dreams.

It's found in big plans which are solved creatively because of a little purse.

It's found in freedom, faith and free things.

In friends and in family.

On his last day as an apprentice, a Thursday, he was away from us.

There were no loud bangs, large epiphanies or exuberant celebrations.

Not in his hotel room, and not in our apartment at home.

Nobody slapped him on the back for a job well done. Nobody called his name from a stage and handed him a scroll of ribbon tied paper.

But as I went to bed that night, I smiled at the empty spot next to me.

I smiled because we made it, he made it.

So here's to you Hunna. Here's to self reliance, to creativity and perseverance.

Here's to turning the next page and continuing the adventure.

Here's to wangling life.


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Chelsea Parsons said...

well done Kyle... and all the best for this next stage in your career.