Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A bun.

Last Friday I ticked over to 22 weeks.
Where has the time gone?
I've been so busy cooking my little girl bun that I've been absolutely too completely busy to sit down and type.
Although, I will say this, before I go out to enjoy another warm day.
I was eating some cake, some deliciously yummy, raw strawberry and sunflower seeded base cake ( a new cook book, a new recipe ) and Boy had a piece too of course.
Except he finished his first and he asked me to share and I seriously, unequivocally did not want to share because he'd had his own piece and.. well, it was soo good.
And I was down to the last bite, and you know how you set yourself up for the last delicious bite and if you don't get it you're not ever satisfied. ( this happens a lot with Boy, he always seems to want to 'share' my food on the last bite ) and usually I'd share because telling him that he's all ready had his own piece and that is what's fair never works. So this time I said:
" Oh.... I'm sharing mine with the baby "
And the spoon hung at my mouth, with the delicious last bite sitting -glistening on it, while I waited to see if this answer would suffice for the three year old in the room.
And he smiled, and he looked at me with genuinely adoring eyes and he said:
" That's SO good Mumma."
And he looked lovingly down from my face at my little round belly and off he went.
And I sat there stunned.
Stunned that it had worked, so I greedily shoved that last bit of cake in my mouth before he realised the deception and came back.
But it didn't taste as good as I had imagined.
Because now I was completely distracted with feeling torn with guilt and awe.
Later Hunna said " You do technically share everything you eat with the baby"
And I thought about it, and it eased the guilt a little. But I am still in awe, at my Boy.
Who all ready loves this baby, so so much.
Who will kiss me and then her.
Who will hug me around the neck and then firmly wrap his arms around my belly and say " I hug the baby"
Who will yell out " Goodnight " to all three of us from bed.
And who will share, along side me, the last bite of delicious cake with her.



Wheeler Team said...

He is so gorgeous! I guess that is why we're asked to become like little children.....

melandpeter said...

Naw. What a little gentleman! He's going to be such a loving big brother. xx