Thursday, April 03, 2014

I am a duck.

Motherhood is such a roller coaster.

Throw in a newborn and a nearly 4 year old and I look around and think how does everyone else do it and still look so kept together.

One Sunday in Tasmania, one of the Mums stood at the pulpit and spoke about how they'd only just made it in time for the start of church.

She told the congregation how she had given each of her 4 children a quick wipe down with wet wipes to make them look clean and presentable and then sent them through the door.

Moments before she took the pulpit I'm sure many other mothers were looking at her children all dressed and clean sitting in the pew wondering how she does it all..

So the truth is. All mothers are ducks.

On the surface we look like we are effortlessly floating along the pond, barely making a ripple.

Underneath the water, however, our legs are pulsing 100 times a minute to keep us afloat, well balanced and heading in a reasonable direction.

I don't think it makes a difference what your personal circumstances.

Whether you work or stay at home. If you have 5 children or 1.

You're a damn good duck. And don't ever forget it.


Today I am grateful for beautiful photography of our Cheli child from Julia Archibald.
On hard days, following nights with very little sleep, pictures remind me of what's most important.

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Chelsea Parsons said...

love this Jess. Im kicking 200 times!!