Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The ball is slipping..



A Wedding..

The blog ball is slipping - but just so you know we are still alive - here is a picture taken by the lovely Julia Archibald

I asked for her to document an afternoon with us as a family - my favourite type of photographs of us are always leisurely and uncontrived - we seem to seize up when we remember there's someone down the barrel of a lens staring at us..

She didn't disappoint. She never does.

We went down the the boat house in Melbourne a few weeks back now to spend some time with our Melbourne Besties (cause we miss them a lot)

It was a blast. I love having creative and free-spirited friends - it's always going to rock when you get Adam in a boat .. (wink)

And even the geese put on a show for us (think special geese cuddles)

*We have moved three times in the last three years and it was really hard to say goodbye to 3056, it's the hardest decision I've made in the last almost 6 years since getting married - even harder than deciding to move out of Tassie 5 years ago and even harder than choosing when to have babies.

I can only hope that the choices we are making now are the right ones not only financially (our main reason for moving away from the beautiful city of Melbourne) and that we will soon find somewhere to settle which leaves us with memories which are just as vibrant and long lasting.

We are now on the hunt.

If you think your town has affordable housing prices, excellent quality education, a friendly community and lots and lots of good food, hit me up for ideas...

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