Friday, December 19, 2014

The Festive Season

Ah yes! It's another jolly Christmas season which also happens to be Cheli's first.

She celebrated the beginning of the festive season (DEC 1st) by licking all the glitter off the baubles.

 (Ahh! those cheeks, those dimples.. that smile!)

Boy celebrated by dressing up in 'that guys' hat and wearing stockings as socks. Which totally makes sense..

(It really does, who has big socks just for hanging.. not me!)

Secretly I think Boy is an absolute legend. ( So full of spunk) 

Then with a bit of team work (Cheli quality checked each bauble by taste and Boy hung them) we had finished the tree.

And then of course came the presents. This one is from Boy to Cheli x 

In an attempt to get him into the spirit of giving rather than getting we took a stroll to the local toy store but alas I'm not sure the 4 year old in our house has quite grasped the concept since he keeps suggesting we swap Nora's present with one of his old toys so he can have the new present.

Maybe next year?

Merry Christmas! 

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