Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LEggy LINdas LATE LAziness


THe other Day I purchased myself some new LEgs.. HOT Legs.. LINDa legs.
Not that mine are BAD.. just that LINDAs are BETTER! Linda and I are tight -- she's met all my friends and we share the same size in CLothes AND SHOES!! so we are DEFinitly a perfect match foR EAch other!!
LINDa is a real socialite.. SHE always suprises me when she is SO patient and doesnt TAlk over the Top of me.. MIlly and LINda and I are the best WANglers (see MIlls Blog 4 more LINDa latenight fun)

AH yes -- this IS the Definition of WANGLING at its purest..
LOVEyou MILLy !!


Milla Mitchell said...

Hooray for Linda's Legginess!!!

Love you Jess - that was SO fun!!

I've blogged about it too now :-) xx

Essie said...

Weeeeee, where can I get some lovely legs like that!! Hot! Come for a visit soon Jessy Goo Goo! Miss Youuuu!