Friday, January 23, 2009

Summer SchooL


I have somehow managed to just squish two weeks of summer school in from 9-3 every day on top of the 63.5 hours I worked in the Last fortnight on top of going to Melbourne for the weekend ... lets just say I havent slept in a while..

ANyway I wish I'd taken the two weeks off work so I could've done better (this isn't my best work) Coming up with a concept for two assignments and completing them in TWo weeks is a hard task when you counter in Development Time. Anyway.. Heres the Final Stuff for my Second assignment the only boundaries were that it  needed to Evoke emotion without stating it.

These are all manual images and none of them have been tweeked on the computer. 
As you can imagine getting the Same effect in Silver Gelatin prints is harder in the Darkroom than taking a Photo on a Digi-camera and bunging it in Photoshop.

let me know what you think..


Collette said...

Cool...LOVE THE LINDA PICS!!haha you should have used them for your assigment;)miss u poo!

Kyle said...

I really like them, even though you might of been a bit rushed. you have certainly portrayed the different emotions in the photo's. as well as evoking them within the beholder. To me it's as if it's a physical look within the internal of ones self in particular yourself as you have used emily to represent yourself before and i find it to be powerful how you have used emily in each of the photos. it shows to me at how the same person can have a range of emotions so contrast to each other. Kyle