Saturday, February 07, 2009

piCkle DOg

PiCkle DOg:
this is Pickle DOg/ I Found Pickle DOg on a SUnday

(which means he couldnt go to the pound cause it was the weekend and then the MOnday was a public HOliday)

So pickLe DOG didnt leave till TUESday..

I nearLY ran him over.. THE UGLIest Dog EVER (he has NO teeth) so his tongue wouLD just lollop arounD everyWHich way.

UtterLY adorabLE in that UGly only a MOther could LOVE way

THE end


Nettie's Blog said...

how can you say he is ugly...he is so cute ...i hope that someone claims him...if he has no teeth that means he is fairly old...sad that he is lost.....

Kyle said...