Saturday, February 21, 2009




to surge or rush back, as liquids, gases, undigested food, etc.–verb (used with object)
to cause to surge or rush back; vomit.
to give back or repeat, esp. something not fully understood or assimilated: to regurgitate the teacher's lectures on the exam

So totally LAst Sunday I had some ham and on Monday I spent the day regurgitating it.. gross. I am completely intolerant to ANY red meat these days.. ANY TIME i eat it it just sits in my stomach and makes me feel ill before coming back up -- yuck! I'm sure you didnt really wanna know that but there is a point ..

ANYWAY, somewhere between chunky ham fits of vomiting (yes my selective stomach apparently only likes to get out what it doesnt like , must be my love of food)I blew a vein in my EYE!! i dont know if you can see it in the first pic?


Kyle gave me a blessing and afterwards I was right as rain ( WHY DIDNT i ask for ONE earlier?!) Sometimes I forget that we have the AMAZING power of priesthood holders/ its a wonderful experience to have your MAn canDY (yes KYle, your my MAn CANdy) be able to administer to you with immediate effects. If i wasnt so Sickly lying on the bathroom floor i think I would've JUMPEd all over Kyle with THANKS!

The rest of the week probably followed the Same lines when I missed my flight home on Tuesday and then had to spend $162 for one way trip home! INSANE!
(but at least I got to spend more time with the CANdy MAn who is WORTH all the money in the world ) --

Candy MAn KyLE cut his BEARd -- lol
CanDY man KYles Mum aka Mummy Andrews -- says " You look ... gay ?"
So he spent the MORning living as A VILLAGE person. (from the VIllage pEOPle .. for all the younglings they sing YMCA ) before chopping it off. (thank goodness! - at least i know if CAndy Man KYle ever has a mid-life Crisis it will only lASt a morning )
I'll stop boring you all with my love life soon -- school is back Tuesday (YAY!)


Sim-Dim said...

That's a relief... about Kyle being gay and all!! LOL

Collette said...

hahaha simone! whats with the eye?