Friday, August 07, 2009

Hairy Husbands, Daggy Dogs & me


My Hairy Husband and MY DAggy DOG.. oh no wait.. that was suppose to be

my DAGGy HUSband & my HAIRy dog (daggy I Will higlight now:  HE IS  at this VERy moment doing a MR Bean DAnce in the middle of the Lounge room simply just to entertain himself.. does anyone have ANY cures for a daggy husband?)

ANYWAy: we ALL , yes all of us went to the PARK!

LAUGhs. YEs we had some Doggy, DAggy , Dirty fun in the RIVEr.

Cocoa was funny because the current was REALLY fast and when she swam out too far her bottom would be swept up behind her like it was out of control. 

Fun fun married life.


The Kings said...

Fun! I'm sorry I don't have a cure for daggy husbands as I have one myself!:)

The Parsons Family said...

wowzers look at that river! Is it YOUR dog? and I cant help you either, my hb is a bit daggy too!!!

Sim-Dim said...

ha ha I love the hairy, daggy point. The river looks a little dangerous after all that rain.

Nettie's Blog said...

Thats amazing that the picnic grounds are flooded like that when we are supposed to be in a drought...i remember it was like that every year when we lived there and some times so much so that we had to drive to Mowray to get into town as both bridges were under water...Oh the good old days....!!!!

Collette said...

Trust simone..."the river looks a little dangerous" blah blah sarra!! haha...we'll have to show her OUR flood photos!! much more extreme!!