Monday, August 17, 2009

JACOb, jacob & sons..

TODAy: Kyle & I went to K-mart and found....

not only did we get ONE of ANDREW LloydWebbers musicals but THREE in ONE pack - awesome!

I LOVE Joseph and his coat.. I remember the first time I ever saw it on stage in Primary school when I think one of the colleges did it for their production.

AMAZING!! brings back memories. 
If you havent seen this musical your deprived - if you have you'll know why I'm so rapped at this purchase. Ive had it fsince 12( half a day) and I worked for 3 hours after that and all ready I have watched it minimum 3.5 times..

anyone have a favourite bit?


Nettie's Blog said...

Hey Jesse is that why you dont answer your phone????? an you contact me...i need you both for an assignment.... not hard i promise!!!!!Nettie
Or tues day night 6.30pm at the chapel

Collette said...

my fav bit is that it's an AMAZING technicolour dreamcoat!!