Thursday, November 19, 2009

DEar World.

Just to clear up about the last post on vaccinations. Kyle and I have been talking about our children, not just swine flu. Although I am fully vaccinated and Kyle is mostly vaccinated as far as he can remember.. we have decided not to vaccinate our children.

I was disappointed to see that the government pays half the baby bonus at a childs birth but the other half is not received until after the first vaccination at 8 weeks old.

However, no amount of money could convince me to vaccinate my children.

Our family is very divided on the subject on vaccinations and if you talk to Collette or Mum ( for Vaccinations) you'll probably get a battering - if you talk to Lisa (against vaccinations) you'll hear about her research into pharmaceutical companies and their power over the world bank and money.

Im not left or right, I just think if Heavenly Father gave us bodies that have been fighting diseases since moses on their own .. why bother.

Also on the subject headlines of our household have been other things we put into our bodies which aren't intended to be there.

Such as highly processed supermarket products filled with artificial enhancers, salts and sugars.

As we plan to have a family and raise them to be healthy and strong Im slowly beginning to realise we should all just become recluses living on farms and eating our own produce away from other people.. or at least live like bubble boy.


Anonymous said...

But Heavenly Father has also given us the technology and knowledge to develop vaccines that can make life better for everybody. Surely he wouldn't have allowed a vaccine to exist if he didn't intend for people to make use of it to have a better quality of life?

The Kings said...

Hey Jess - We've had some of our boys vaccinated and not others (Kobe hasn't been and Harri hasn't had his four year old ones) and I can see both sides, but after researching a bit and talking things over with some people we decided to do it homeopathically for Kobe and also Harri's 4 year old ones. We got the homeopathic vaccinations (little pillules that dissolve on their tongue) from a guy in Melbourne. He has done a lot of research into it. I can give you the contact info if you want.

Anyway - if you sign a form with your GP to say that you choose not to vaccinate they sent it off to the 'powers that be' and supposedly you are still entitled to the bonus. They cannot discriminate against you because you choose not to vaccinate. That is what our GP told me. You should check into it.

I think its a personal choice, but for us we didn't feel right having Kobe done after talking it over. Some say that if you are going to vaccinate its much better for them if you wait till they are older - around 5 years or something like that.

The Parsons Family said...

Im with you Jess! Good on you for being brave enough to voice those opinions out loud. I tend to keep quiet because so many people dont agree and give you flack for it.

The Parsons Family said...

None of our girls are v. And Dave and I too have the belief that if they want to do it when they are older thats fine. I have looked into the homeopathic vaccinations but never did them. I have had people tell me in America when talking with them about v. and finding out I didnt that "I was being stupid and probably bringing diseases from Australia".... OUr Principal here was very rude to me when I needed the v. forms for school. He didnt even ask why but started going off at me. Not fun... so yeah Im shhhhh about it!