Monday, December 14, 2009

DEArest TAswegians

SO apparently its hot outside today in the GEE. (thats Cool slang for Geelong) I wouldn't know tho - Im lapping it up in the Mansh (thats slang for Kyles parents HUmUNGOUs mansion sized house) Im talking two lounge areas, two dining areas, an office, a massive kitchen, 4 bedrooms, a verandah which runs around the entire house and a Christmas tree... (being that time of year of course) Did I mention the free standing bath has little lion feet?.. 

Im debating (after making my famous caramel slice on the German oven) if I should go play table tennis on the deck and actually go outside or just go watch tellie on the Plasma.. hmm what to do, what to do. *relaxed sigh* I suppose this is what people do when they are incubating babies. Might go wrap some Christmas pressies instead. 


p.s Kyle is at work hahahahaha


Milla Mitchell said...

Living it up in the Gee!! Glad you made it there ok love xx

The Parsons Family said...

he he he!!! HAd COllette, baby MInol and Ess visit tonight... ahhhhh love visits. Put your feet up and relax girl, you deserve it after a big move and especially if you are incubating! How exciting.... congrats!!

Jessica said...

Mmm it has been so nice :) Almost half way now Chels. Who will take beautiful pics of baby? I'll have to fly down especially! p.s I LOVE your paper.

I have been trying to find good quality brown paper in a good roll rather than smaller cut pieces. Do you know where I could find one?

Collette said...