Sunday, December 06, 2009

Vaccination 2.1

So after a very constructive couple of blogs on Vaccination and some very helpful replies Kyle and I will be looking into guarding against disease naturally with our children.

Now I know people are saying Heavenly Father wouldn't put Vaccines on earth unless he wanted us to use them - please let us not make this a religious debate because the Man upstairs puts lots of things on earth which are bad for us so we can have choice. 

So whether it is good or bad our choice is .. well our choice - and when little bubby peanut grows up and thinks He wants to be vaccinated then that will be his choice.

Also - Im glad that I can have such a supportive husband who Loves me and listens to me prattle on about things over and over again (and not saying anything or offering any suggestions but hopefully still listening) until I can sort them out.. apparently men just go gaze at fires and come to decisions.

And a SUPER DUPER thanks to Lisa who let me know we can still get the baby bonus in full! what a relief!! At least I'll get some tax back someway!

p.s - check out this site, this Crib is soo yummy.

The End.


The Kings said...

yeah I'm pretty sure you can - check into it though. I just know the Dr made me sign a form to say I was choosing not to, and said I could still get paid. We will see as Kobe is now 18 months and I'm supposed to get the immunisation bonus now for him.
The baby bonus has changed since we had Kobe too - we got a lump sum, but since then it has changed so it may be different in the last 18 months - but fingers crossed you can still get it.

Collette said...

okay now everyone's stopped reading this i'll have my say...
1) When your kid can talk as if they are gonna be able to choose whether they have immunisations or not...this of course is if they havn't died from whooping cough...
did you know that since it's become 'trendy' to not immunise there have begun to be more confirmed cases of polio...see its coming back!!
2) Natural ones? come on...
3) i'm pretty sure you only get your ruddy money if you do the immunisation's called tough love
4) have you heard of 'conspiracy theorists'? they're the ones that think the world is run by drug companys and oil tycoons...they've been watching too many movies...
5)yes it is your choice...but it's your childs future...(haha that's a good one)
6) a good friend of mine has many articles/research from certified INDEPENDENT research centres that can help give you the RIGHT info on the risks/ falsehoods about immunisation... sometimes wikipedia and google dont' cut it;)
7) love the reference to moses time...pretty sure they also lived to 725 back then...but unfortunately our blood isn't as pure and if you look into infant deaths in the early 19th century BEFORE immunisation the stats are ALOT more scary then the slight risks of immunising in 2010

p.s. I love you.