Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CATs & RObbers

Between packing lots & lots & lots of boxes ready for moving I have managed to get a little Chrissie shopping done.

The GREAT thing about having 7 nieces & nephews is that you get to try out super COOL pressies from the SUPEREst coolest UNcle & Aunt before they go under the tree.

Friday, November 20, 2009


11pm Friday Night (mum is lying in bed - from the bedroom we hear)

MUM: Hey...

ME: Yes?

MUM: Do you know Robbie Williams?

ME: Who?

COLLETTE: The Singer.

ME: Yeah?

MUM: This Couple in Melbourne wanted to hire him to sing one song at their wedding and guess how much he wanted to charge them?

COLLETTE: (and Im thinking in my head 1 million dollars)

ME: How much?

MUM: three hundred and fifty thousand ... so they said no.



p.s remember the time

"I think I just weed on my cape"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

DEar World.

Just to clear up about the last post on vaccinations. Kyle and I have been talking about our children, not just swine flu. Although I am fully vaccinated and Kyle is mostly vaccinated as far as he can remember.. we have decided not to vaccinate our children.

I was disappointed to see that the government pays half the baby bonus at a childs birth but the other half is not received until after the first vaccination at 8 weeks old.

However, no amount of money could convince me to vaccinate my children.

Our family is very divided on the subject on vaccinations and if you talk to Collette or Mum ( for Vaccinations) you'll probably get a battering - if you talk to Lisa (against vaccinations) you'll hear about her research into pharmaceutical companies and their power over the world bank and money.

Im not left or right, I just think if Heavenly Father gave us bodies that have been fighting diseases since moses on their own .. why bother.

Also on the subject headlines of our household have been other things we put into our bodies which aren't intended to be there.

Such as highly processed supermarket products filled with artificial enhancers, salts and sugars.

As we plan to have a family and raise them to be healthy and strong Im slowly beginning to realise we should all just become recluses living on farms and eating our own produce away from other people.. or at least live like bubble boy.

Monday, November 09, 2009


TO VACCinate or NOT to Vaccinate

The Question has been a big topic amongst Kyle and I.

I chose no.

ANy thoughts?