Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines


Strapped for things to do for Kyley Kyle & Valentines day only hours away I unpacked some of my art ply wood letters and came up with this..

Its just some ply letters sewn into Fabric.. I thought it was nice since I have not had time to scrap book any wedding photos yet, so it was good to crack them open and pick some out to put in the Lovebook so we can enjoy them all the time.

.. Still waiting for my Valentines though.. ;)

I'm thinking of getting some large separate letters and material to do something similar for baby boys room... any suggestions what the letters should say?

ie: nursery, baby, etc..


Collette said...

"Aunty Collette Rocks!"


Fudge said...

awwww, thats cool Jess. I hope he came through and got ya something!

Sim-Dim said...

Um 'sleep'. he he. Okay seriously, 'serenity'