Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teenie Sewing

Little Shoes for a Little

Today I thought I might try some little baby shoes - I got the website from Toni's blog who got the pattern from I don't think I have the sewing stamina to make as many pairs as Toni did so one was enough for today.
They are made out of flannel so they are super soft and warm, with a minkee lining & a thick canvas soul so they don't wear through too quickly.

I am very proud of my little boy shoes :)


Collette said...

Can you make me some? they would be HEAPS comfy!

Nettie's Blog said...

do i recognise that navy blue spotted flannel????so glad you are getting some use out of that little stash i gave you....good job will be going into business soon...i love those little shoes...

Wheeler Team said...

VERY cool! Well done. We've just decided to book our flights to come up in June. Just Chris & I this time but we cant wait to meet the new bub.The kids will be jealous!