Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good ol'Granny

Ok, So as I am prone to reflux on a regular daily basis you can imagine how much worse it is being pregnant... the problem is EVERYthing I eat seems to give me reflux acidic or not.

I don't usually eat red meat (its called being a chickenatarian) but the other day I had some lamb and I couldn't breathe sitting up it was that bad.

So obviously some foods make it worse than others... (Bread .. goodbye toast & vegemite for breakfast) I know, I know I shouldn't be eating things with wheat or dairy in them anyway blah blah blah.. what am I to eat lentils for the rest of my life?

I decided at around 4am the other night after a ZILLION drinks of water and a ZILLION trips to the toilet and having only eaten FRUIT all day that something needed to be done.

I keep looking for natural remedies on the internet and there are all these sites saying almond this and water that and apple this and diet that .. well I tell you I tried apples and they didn't seem to do anything much UNTIL --

One day I REALLY REALLY absolutely wanted an apple like REALLy badly and there were only cooking apples in the fruit bowl .. eyuck, but I was so desperate I just ate one anyway.

Good Old Granny Smith, cleared up my throat !! MIRACLE not only that it only took one slice for me to feel better & I had some lamb for tea and then just ate the Granny before I went to bed and ... NOTHING but sweet sweet slumber.

Now I've found a website that says putting a teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar in your water may help too ( because honestly who wants to eat a WHOLE apple every time they get a little niggle in their throat ) So I may try that too, although I'm not sure about the taste.

YAY for Granny. Lets hope it lasts.


The Kings said...

oh wow - what a find! Good one. Hope it keeps working.

melandpeter said...

Well done! Hope you can start eating what you want again. You'll have to tell us what the cider vinegar is like...

Collette said...

ew granny smith!