Saturday, March 20, 2010


So after reading Toni's blog on the cool stuff she has found on etsy - Clicking on the love Mae link and realising some of their products were on SPECIAL !! yay, I nipped down to a little shop called Goose where I knew they stocked them AND...

SO excited about setting up a Nursery with these on the wall.
(sorry the pics are dodgy)


The Parsons Family said...

I was inspired by those too! Didnt buy any though! Wanted to!!! But I did buy some dots from KmArt for my wall!!!!

make it perfect said...

AWESOME!!! what are they like? do you really think they will stick time and time again? so weird that they are made of fabric. do you reckon they could be "homemade" (aka...i could make some myself using fabric scraps?) have you seen how people make fabric wall stickers using liquid starch? i'll hunt down the links and send them your way if you're interested, but they don't re-stick.

Eloise said...

I LOVE these stickers Jess! Particularly the little bird by the light switch! I saw some similiar ones in Hobart yesterday (and Launceston a few days before that) and thought of you, because you'd mentioned in an earlier blog post about not being able to put things on walls. Did you get by that rule? =P

Jess said...

they're fabric but not like fabric, fabric - just different to the usual vinyl wall stickers which stick to each other and are hard to manage. its hard to explain.. they have a website and i think there is a stockist in Tassie, it'd be better if you felt one ..

LOVE them though, when we move and I unstick the birdy I'll tell you if I reckon they will stick and stick and stick..

home made ones with normal fabric would be HEAPS better! even if they dont restick as long as they dont wreck paint I'd be really interested in having a go..

Eloise they dont wreck walls! awesome for doing up a room in a rental -- since you even have to apply to put a screw in a wall for a wall hanging, these are definitely no hassle.