Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bag bag

Can you guess what I made?

Ok - So I made a bag bag.. (just realised I put the tag for hanging on the wrong end -- hence upside down ducks, mmm will fix that )

I'm quite proud as I didn't use a pattern and I even bothered to line the darn thing..
I can officially now say I have a bag bag up with the elite of bag bags.. (the elite being Mums fat, black, maid woman bag bag.. -- N.B: pretty sure her bag bag is not racist-- ....or not but its a cool bag bag)


Fudge said...

neeeeee a bag bag. Every time Mum comes she fold my bags into little balls!!! I think she is disappointed I didnt get her organisational skills!! he he! A bag bag might fix that!

Collette said...

hahahaha i'm pretty sure mums bag lady is DODGEY!!! love it! make me one...didn't realise they were ducks until you pointed it out...can't wait for a more exciting blog post...e.g after this weekend when I COME TO VISIT!!

Sim-Dim said...

All these projects you have been working on are fantastic. I think I love the giraffe the best so far. Oh and I can't wait to see how you do the bibs. I'd like to learn those. 2 wks and counting.