Monday, April 26, 2010

Just for a pat on the back

38 weeks
- no insomnia in-sight
-no swollen ankles (thank-you cooler weather)
-still fitting normal jeans
-heels, yes heels
- total 5kg weight gain
- no big butt (thanks Simone..)

and apparently Collette says my arms and legs are skinnier than when I started.

Bring it on labour day, show me what you've got.


Nettie's Blog said...

oh i love it that you are taking that baby boy to the Temple.... you are the best ever MUM... Better be here before Mothers Day i have to be spoilt deserve it..

Collette said...

haha you are SO gonna eat those words!!

The Parsons Family said...

ha! I love Collettes comment! But you look so hot Jess! I wish could take some preggas photos of you!

Sim-Dim said...

Let's see if you are saying that when you are pregnant with the last kid, seeing as you want FIVE!!! ha ha.

Stephen and Chernoa said...

HAHAHA you are a crack up. BUT yes you look amazing and yes those ankles are like sticks;) Good job. cant wait to see pics of bub.

The Kings said...

lol - love your comment Simone. Yeah the 4th (or 5th - not that I would know!) pregnancy isn't such a joy :)

melandpeter said...

haha. Love it, love it love it. Way to rock your pregnancy hun. I also love that your posts are not pic after pic of a growing belly and complaining about it all! By the way all ppl who read this, I'm not having a go at anyone :-)

make it perfect said...

you make me feel sick.