Friday, April 30, 2010


Kyle told me I needed to get dressed up a bit because he was taking me out for a surprise..
SO after a zillion questions he still wouldn't tell me where we were going and simply said you need to be ready by 6:45 .. I say are we going out for tea and he says. Food could be involved .. although it ends up that we eat tea at home and then the time gets to 7:15 and

I am thinking: 'I bet he was just being mean and I was so excited about it he either has to think of something really quickly on the spot for us to do or he will soon say can we go out another day, Im too tired, lets just go to bed'

So we are in the bedroom and I'm getting pretty annoyed because I've been ready for half an hour and he still doesn't seem to be getting ready for anything .. then the door bell rings about 10 times (which it usually does in this house, so there was nothing unusual because the mansion CONSTANTLY has church activities here because it is SO huge)

Turns out Vicki ( Jeremy's wife who is Pete Watts cousin who is of course married to Mel ) Had thrown me a SURPRISE baby shower.

She told everyone they couldn't say surprise too loudly because she didn't want me to pop out the baby right then and there-- So I came out of the bedroom and round the corner and there are all these people whispering 'surprise!' hahaha so I was lulled into it softly :)

Vicki is so awesome, she teaches our young married class and she is ALWAYS so nice and so organised. We played games and ate and I even got beautiful orchids as decorations...

and of course lots of wonderful pressies..
It was a really great night and I'm so thankful for the ladies for making the effort to come all the way out and giving their time.

only 10 days till bubba is due!


Eloise said...

It sounds like you had such a lovely evening Jess!

What you forget to mention was if Kyle was forgiven for the leadup nonsense =P

melandpeter said...

Naw. What a sweetie to organise that for you! You deserve to be pampered. LOVE the orchids. Thinking of you and your 2 boys :-)